Patricia Kantor

Patricia Kantor, a native of South Africa based in New York City, provides presentation and executive skills training for a wide range of domestic and international firms. The long and distinguished client list contains some of the best-known Fortune 1000 and BusinessWeek Global 1000 corporations as well as prestigious organizations such as the Institute for International Education.

At BHA Patricia Kantor provides the following.

Individual and Executive Presentation Training: Individual training allows a participant to focus intensely on the fundamentals of powerful presentations. Participants explore presentation objectives and master the skills needed to craft a persuasive presentation. The ultimate goal is to develop a persuasive presentation and deliver a compelling message.

Coaching for Executive Interviews: These sessions focus on crafting a message that clearly communicates one’s personal achievements and strengths, including managerial experiences, in such critical areas as leadership, delegating, trust, and other high-level personal skills. Attention is given to preparation of well-crafted responses, polishing the executives’ professional presence, and clarifying the impression they wish to make.

Media Training: Patricia Kantor offers a complete training syllabus for professionals with the program “Managing the Media”. Areas addressed: understanding the media and journalists; how to craft concise, effective responses; handling the interview and interviewer; refining your message; maintaining control.

Patricia Kantor also offers Interview Skills Training and facilitation training. All programs are designed and tailored for specific industries, e.g., International Organizations, Pharmaceutical Industry, IT, and Finance.

Nancy Penner

Nancy Penner, a native of Canada based in New York City, enjoys a rare combination of skills, she is a Chartered Accountant and holds advanced degrees in Organizational Development and Psychology. A former Associate at the prestigious KPMG she provides consulting and training in strategy development and implementation, process design and performance support, team conflict resolution, and team effectiveness.

Nancy has provided a wide array of clients, but governmental and university entities in particular through implementation of key business processes, particularly in IT, organizational change of administrative structures, and facilitation of cross functional teams.

In The City of New York Nancy designed and implemented Learning Paths for more than 3000 professionals to develop annual learning plans tailored to individual service focus, experience and career goals.

She took charge of training in technical and soft skills for KPMG professionals and tailored a global training curriculum. She managed KPMG’s Russian office in St. Petersburg and doubled the size and profitability of the office as well as repaired relationships with U.S., German, Swedish and Canadian subsidiary corporations of KPMG.

Garry Mitchell, Ph.D.

Dr. Garry Mitchell is well known for his popular public seminars in Training Trainers at the American Management Associations and at Dun and Bradstreet.  As an associate of Beverly Hyman, Ph.D. & Associates, he has offered programs in negotiation, interpersonal skills , presentations, sales and marketing for twenty years.

Dr. Mitchell is the author of the bestseller, The Trainer’s Handbook: The AMA Guide to Effective Training now in its Third Edition and The Heart of the Sale: Making the Customer’s Need to Buy the Key to Successful Selling which has been selected as the basic sales training reference for China’s entrance into the free market economy. He has also written four self-study audio cassette training textbooks: How to Market by Telephone, How to Interview Effectively, Total Time Management and How to Motivate for Superior Performance. He is listed in Who’s Who in The East, and Who’s Who Among US Executives. “Business Week” magazine reviewed him as being “one of America’s leading business educators.”

Dr. Mitchell was a tenured professor of communications at the State University of New York. He received his Doctorate from New York University; his Master’s degree from the City University of New York; and his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Alberta Canada.  A native Canadian, Dr. Mitchell offers training and consulting on every continent, but with a specific Asian focus.  He has worked with several Asian governments to improve management and training effectiveness among professional administrators.

Irv Rose

Irv Rose, based in Princeton, New Jersey, has more than thirty-five years experience working with people as a management consultant, professor and teacher. What distinguishes Irv’s training from almost anyone else is his unique enthusiasm, humor and his ability to break down resistance and motivate trainees to change their behavior. A typical comment from one of Irv’s trainees is, “Not only have I learned invaluable methods for enhancing my job skills, you gave me confidence in the skills I already possessed. I am not alone in walking away from this seminar feeling pumped, excited and eager to use what you have shown us.”

A partial list of Irv’s clients include: IBM, AT&T, Dow Chemical, U.S. Coast Guard, Special Olympics, World Bank, State Farm Insurance, Bayer Diagnostics, American Management Association and the Bermuda Employer Council. At Hall Real Estate Group, Co-Steel & Heller First Capital Corporation, Mr. Rose designed, developed and implemented Supervisory Leadership and Management Skills training programs. The manuals and his own training sessions continue to serve as a model for these ongoing training efforts. In another long term effort at New York State Electric and Gas, he designed and developed the ongoing coaching and counseling seminars. He also designed, developed and trained a program for professional speakers who conduct seminars for American Management Association.

Irv has long held the title “blue-ribbon speaker” from participants attending major national conferences. The title was officially conferred at the National Human Resources Conference