Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Development of Performance Appraisal Systems:
We review your existing performance appraisal system and modify or replace it. We emphasize on-going appraisal, employee development, and two-way communication as a means to grow your organization. We create new forms, systems for implementing them and train your managers in appraisal interviewing skills.

Team Building:
We surface the characteristics of your team that are optimizing performance and those that are limiting it with or without a Belbin assessment tool. We develop experiential exercises to assist team members in seeing the power of their interdependence. We surface assets and liabilities in your organization that influence morale and create cases, role plays, and problem solving sessions to enhance or resolve these situations.

Facilitation of Conferences and Retreats; Strategic Planning: 
Whether you want to create your strategic plan, motivate, inform, train or ventilate an issue, we help you clarify your objectives and create an exciting agenda. We gather and digest all the relevant documents, survey your attendees in advance and develop high participation exercises and a focused and timed agenda. We facilitate and ensure meeting the goals for your conference of 10, 100 or 1000.

Executive Coaching:
We are experienced at building trusting and productive relationships with senior executives as well as managers who benefit from one on one evaluation and coaching to enhance their leadership, planning, time management, career development, capacity to build and maintain productive relationships, manage the team, or achieve their objectives.

Where required we conduct interview research, 360 feedback, and/or use evaluative instruments in order to develop a comprehensive profile of the executive and his or her needs.

Together with the executive we set concrete objectives with specific behavioral outcomes and time frames to ensure real and enduring change.

Board Development: 
We help you refocus the mission of your board, train your board leadership to work effectively with one another and with your professional staff; we assist you in altering the organization of your board as well as attracting and retaining key board members.

Succeeding at Job Interviews — Academic, Corporate, UN, NGO Executives: 
BHA can package your resume and your skills, reframe your challenges and coach you to succeed on job interviews. You bring us the job description and we will develop the interview and rehearse you so you set yourself up for job search success. Once you get the job offer we will coach you to negotiate the best salary and package for you.

Breaking Silos: 
We conduct in-house research to learn about your teams, surface, and propose solutions for: cross cutting projects to build synergies and “denormalize” the way staff think; communications issues that block free flow of information; and cross cultural issues that hurt productivity of your globally spread out teams.

Needs Analysis:
We conduct focus groups and survey research; interview and observe your personnel; review your materials and performance records; assist you in identifying and prioritizing your training and organizational development needs. We recommend the most cost effective, lasting, practical methods for meeting them.

Curriculum Evaluation and Design:
We conduct specialized survey research to target an ideal set of training objectives that will optimize the transfer of learning from the training room to the job. We create leader’s guides and participant materials for your in-house use that employ practical, hands-on high participation methods.

Evaluation and Reformatting of Publications, Manuals and Procedures:
Newsletters, newspapers, magazines and prestigious journals have all benefited from our publication evaluation services. We do readership research for you, help you develop new editorial policies and assist you in designing a fresh approach to writing style. Whether you are communicating highly technical instructions, financial information or industry news, we create style and format with one person in mind: your reader.

We assess and help you refine your goals for your mentoring program. We write a tailored program to train Mentors and Mentees built on a coaching model that builds a program to retain your best people, preserve your institutional memory and strengthen your corporate culture.