We haven’t lost a sale since Dr. Hyman revamped our client facing presentations and trained our sales teams!
– Information Mosaic (Dublin, Delhi, London, Singapore)

Her facilitation of our strategic plan wasn’t a retreat, it was a treat!
– Harvard University (The Harvard Art Museum)

This is the first and only Presentation Skills course that helped me to overcome my fear and even feel confident. I can’t believe I am looking forward to making presentations going forward!
– New York’s Metropolitan Transit Authority

Her advice and training on how to package our information has made our message accessible and powerful for our audiences, and her approach is a tremendous time saver!
– UN Fund for Population (RC Training)

She can keep a room full of executives fascinated and learning for a week with nothing more than a flipchart as backup!
– McGraw-Hill Publishing

She exceeds our high standards! People she coaches and trains make enduring and positive change.
– The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Long after her training interventions, she continues to be responsive to our employees. She is one of the team!
– Standard and Poor’s

She has an uncanny ability to listen and to absorb your corporate culture!
HSBC North America